Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcoming 2012

There are now less than four hours left in the year 2011. It has been a wonderful year in so many ways and I thank you for every minute of it. You have blessed me with wonderful children, a few good friends, many wonderful and fun acquaintances. a nice home, a satisfying job, a good running car and enough financial help to be comfortable. I am spoiled by you and I love it. Please bless my entire family and especially my children and draw them ever closer to your Sacred Heart. Please help me to lose weight, become organized, start going to church regularly. Help me to be kind to everyone, to treat people with respect, to be honest in all my dealings, to be consistent in my praying and my writing. Let me know Papa what your plans are for my life. What is it that I should be doing to bring glory and honor to you. I love you so much.
Happy New Year Papa.

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